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Provides easy navigation and reliable
support for  distal access cases

Intracranial Distal Access Catheter is designed for distal placement into the neurovasculature, providing intracranial support and a wide range of device compatibility. Small Pass Profile and Tapered Tip Provides continuous guide wire-catheter passage for high support and successful lesion passage.The rounded tip and flexible distal zone on the Distal Access Catheter is designed for confident advancement into fragile distal vessels. The design of the Distal Access Catheter is designed for closer placement to the treatment site. Focus on the intervention, not access challenges.


  • Proximal shaft engineered for support throughout aortic arch
  • Excellent trackability
  • The 15cm distal flexible zone combined with a highly supportive proximal shaft for pushability leads to the smooth tracking design.
  • Gain stable distal support without sacrificing trackability
  • Image of Atraumatic access
  • Atraumatic access
Usable length90 cm, 150 cm
Tip ShapeStraight tip
Catheter Profile Proximal3F, 4F, 5F, 6F
Catheter Inner Diameter0.071” - 0.075”
Radiopaque marker1mm located at 2mm from the tip
Guidewire compatibilityMaximum diameter 0.035"
Structure of the CatheterPE/PEBAX