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AngioCATH is intended for use for intravascular introduction of interventional/diagnostic devices into the coronary or peripheral vascular systems High flexibility, support and visualization, the capability you need to respond to your challenging cases


  • Workhorse construction suitable for various anatomies
  • Flexible distal segment enables you to engage for backup support
  • Supportive secondary curve for backup support and curve retention
  • Thinner walls without compromising support
  • Larger lumens to maximize contrast flow for enhanced visualization
  • Radiopaque marker and PTFE-nylon shaft
Catheter Material   PEBAX/PA
Catheter  Outer Diameter4F, 5F, 6F, 7F, 8F, 9F,10F
Catheter  Inner Diameter 0,043”, 0,058”, 0,071”, 0,081”, 0,090”, 0,108”, 0,117”
Catheter Lenght 90 cm
Tip Sytle Straight, Left, Right
Coating PTFE