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Extender Atlas Peripheral

Atlas Peripheral

Mode of Action With balloon dilatation, the injuries to the arterial wall initiate an inflammatory reaction with an excretion of growth factors which trigger the onset of cell division and smooth muscle cell migration.


  • Excellent pushability
  • Targeted drug delivery into the vascular wall
  • Single shot, short-term Paclitaxel delivery for long-term vessel patency
  • Homogeneous and complete polymer-free drug release
  • Low profile tip and balloon design for reduced friction and advanced crossing performance
  • Homogeneous drug delivery
  • Effectively inhibiting proliferation    
  • Paclitaxel prevents restenosis by stabilizing microtubal formation and thus prevents the cells going through the phases of replication, resulting in the inhibition of cell division. 


Paclitaxel Drug Dose   3.0-3.5 µg/mm2
Excipient Iopromid
Balloon Diameter 2.0 mm to 10 mm
Guiding Catheter Profile 5F, 6F, 7F
Balloon Lenght   15, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 220 mm
Balloon Fold Configuration 2.0 to 4.0 mm: 3 folds; 4.0 to 10 mm: 6 folds
Radiopacity Pt-Ir Ring marker
Guidewire Compatible 0,014”, 0,018”, 0,025”
Catheter DesignOver the wire (OTW)
Catheter Lengh 80cm, 90cm, 120cm, 135 cm, 150 cm
Structure of the Catheter PA/PEBAX