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Atlas Stent Aortic

Self-expandable Aortic Nitinol Stent

Our new an endoluminal stent prosthesis for the aorta is available in a unique range of different stent diameters and lengths that is unrivaled anywhere in the world.

ATLASTM-Aortic is indicated for:

  • Vena cava syndrome
  • Obstructions of the vena cava
  • Stenoses and dissections of the aorta
  • Endoleak type 1a and 1b


  • Made of nitinol laser cutting
  • (NiTi) – material with higher biocompatibility level and corrosion resistance than medical AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Increased conformability within unique open-cell design technology
  • Excellent radial force
  • High flexibility of the ATLASTM-Aortic stent effects in excellent adaptation to vessel curvature
  • Special construction of the stent provides a good adhere to the vessel wall
  • Radiopaque markers on the stent endings which allow precise implantation
  • Special construction of the delivery system make to correction of stent position inside a vessel possible even after the partial stent release.
  • Precise deployment with simplified single-operator system
  • Coaxial pull back system for safety and easy use
  • Delivery system for smooth gliding characteristics
  • Radiopaque markers on the inner catheter
  • for exact stent placement
  • 100 cm working length
  • OTW design with 0,035” guidewire
  • Self-expanding nitinol stent
  • Flexible stent design
  • Closed-cell structure for optimal stent fixation
  • Open-cell structure for high flexibility
  • 5 intergrades laser-welded tantalum markers at proximal and distal end

Stent Material

Nitinol alloy

Stent Diameter

14 mm – 40 mm

Stent Lenght

70 mm – 100 mm – 130 mm

Delivery Catheter Structure

Over The Wire System

Guidewire Compatibility

0.035" (0.89 mm)

Delivery System

12 Fr , 14Fr , 16 Fr

Usable length of catheter

100 cm