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ATLASTMis a peripheral self-expanding stent system consisting of a rapid exchange delivery catheter and a pre-mounted stent made of nitinol. ATLASTM is intended for use in the treatment of stenotic or occlusive lesions in iliac or femoro-popliteal arteries to establish and maintain patency.

ATLASTM self-expanding stent is indicated for use in percutaneous intravascular implantation in patients with atherosclerotic, radiation-induced and posttraumatic lesions causing vessel stenosis, of haemodynamic significance and intractable in other forms of treatment.

They are applied in the following cases:

  • unsatisfactory result of a PTA procedure (residual stenosis),
  •  inner vessel membrane delamination,
  •  vessel wall elasticity disorders and pressure from the outside,
  •  recurrent st

AtlasTM self-expanding peripheral stent system is intended to improve luminal diameter in the treatment of symptamotic de novo or restenotic lesions up to 180 mm in length in the native superficial femoral artery and/or proximal popliteal arteries with reference vessel diameters ranging from 3.5 mm – 7.5 mm.


  • Made of nitinol laser cutting
  • (NiTi) – material with higher biocompatibility level and corrosion resistance than medical AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Increased conformability within unique open-cell design technology
  • Excellent radial force
  • High flexibility of the ATLASTM stent effects in excellent adaptation to vessel curvature
  • Special construction of the stent provides a good adhere to the arterial wall
  • Radiopaque markers on the stent endings which allow precise implantation
  • Special construction of the delivery system make to correction of stent position inside a vessel possible even after the partial stent release.
  • Optimized radial force to reduce thrombosis and neointima hyperplasia
  • Increased flexibility in severe bend situations
  • Precise deployment with simplified single-operator system
Stent MaterialNitinol alloy
Stent Diameter5.0 – 8.0 mm
Delivery Catheter StructureRapid exchange
Guidewire Compatibility0.035" (0.89 mm)
Minimum Sheath Size6 Fr / 2.0 mm
Usable length of catheter80 - 120 cm