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Dolphin Xr

Easy & fast passage in non-permeable vessel segments

PivotXR Re-entry Catheter System, designed for intuitive true lumen re-entry from subintimal space of the artery, is the best graceful dual-component solution for challenging lesions that creating a path for the Micro-Catheter to re-enter the vessel with precision and ease.

DolphinXR Re-entry Catheter enter true lumen from subintimal space when combined with a guidewire in chronic total occlusions. The integrated re-entry system can be  used to access and bypass lesions  above or below the knee. Re-entry Catheter System provides an operating channel for angioplasty and stent placement within the sub intimal space of the vessel wall


  • Braided catheter shaft provides effective     torque control it provides easy and quick     positioning to the target re-entry area. 
  • OTW 0.014 "and 0.018” guide wire     compatibility Minimizes guide wire     exchange with flexibility structure
  • Ergonomic construction for perfect control
  • Fluoroscopy adjustment of traditional     guidewire techniques helps reduce the     time of adjustment
Radiopaque MarkerRadiopaque marker (at 5 mm from the distal tip of the sheath)
Catheter Inner LayerPTFE polytetrafluoroethylene
Structure of the CatheterPE/PEBAX
Catheter Diameter3F, 4F, 5F, 6F
Lenght90 cm, 150 cm
Sheath Compatibility5F, 6F
Average Usage Time (min)8
Average Total Fluoroscopy Time (min)17
Device Technical Success Defined as Placement of a Guidewire in the True Lumen Distal to a CTO as Confirmed by the Angiography Core LabTechnical success: 95%