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Easy & fast passage in
non-permeable vessel segments

DolphinXS Support Catheter is used to switch from Occlusion to true lumen. It is dedicated to reaching and overcoming complex lesions of the difficult anatomy during femoro-popliteal and below-knee interventions.


•    Ultra low 0.018 "lesion entry profile

•    Increases lesion access and entry

•    Delivered and replaced with 0.014 ”guide wires

•    Hydrophilic M Coat™ 40 cm Distally

•    Ensures best-in-class trackability in challenging anatomy     and provides best-in-class traceability and excellent     crossability of complex lesions in challenging anatomy

. •    Provides improved delivery and access to distal lesions     and complex and small vessels.

Guidewire Compability 0.014”, 0.018”, 0.035”
Radiopaque Marker


Silver special tip design and



2 radiopaque marker at 40 mm from the distal tip of the sheath


Catheter Inner LayerPTFE polytetrafluoroethylene
Catheter Lenght 90-135cm
Structure of the Catheter PE/PEBAX
Catheter Diameter4F, 5F, 6F, 7F, 8F, 9F