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Extender Aortic Ballon

The EXTENDER XL Ultra High Pressure dilatation catheter is a Coaxial design catheter with a balloon mounted on its distal tip. The catheter utilizes a higher pressure balloon to facilitate dilatation.

High pressure PTA catheter is based on a over the wire coaxial shaft and is 100cm in total length. The high puncture resistant non compliant balloon material is mounted on the distal end of the shaft and is designed to reopen strong calcifications in peripheral vessels.

The proximal end hosts the hub for inflation and deflation of the distal balloon and the guide wire lumen is 0.035“. The balloon is diameter specific and varies in length from 2cm, 3cm, 4 cm, and 6cm with diameters starting from 14mm and incrementally moving in 2mm up to 30mm in diameter.

Extender XL is is especially designed for double dilatation in large vessels. It provides extra safety during the procedure. The high-pressure performance combined with low profile makes

the Extender XL PTA Balloon an excellent choice to treat difficult large vessels and non-vascular lesions.

• Non- compliant structure for high puncture resistance and reliable multiple dilatations with fast inflation & deflation time and non compliant vessel application

Radiopaque Marker

Platinum marker bands facilitate reliable positioning of the balloon.

Maximum Trackability

The distal shaft through the balloon is highly flexible for exceptional maneuverability. This, combined with the pushability of the coaxial shaft, provides outstanding tracking performance.

Product features and benefits:

  • Excellent pushability
  • Single shot for long-term vessel patency
  • Low profile tip and balloon design for reduced friction and advanced crossing performance

Increased tip visibility leading to more accurate positioning.

Balloon Diameter12.0 mm to 30 mm
Balloon Lenght20 - 60 mm



4/6/8 atm

9 - 14 atm

Balloon Fold ConfigurationRefolding Technology 6 folds
RadiopacityPt-lr Ring Maker
Guidewire Compatible0,0035"
Recommended Sheath Compatibility9F-16F
Catheter DesignOver the wire (OTW)
Catheter Lenght100cm
Structure of the CatheterPA/PEBAX