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ICT Internal Compression THERAPY

Superficial venous insufficiency (VI) can be treated with multiple methods. But all treatment methods for VI are cancelling the problematic vein works by heat ablation, embolization or surgically removal

How It Works?

  • ICT works as an exo-skeleton for vein valves. Procedure is fast, safe and easy. It can be done in outpatient conditions in minutes. Procedure steps are consistent of:
  • Mapping and detecting problematic vein valves to be treated with Doppler-Ultrasound (DUS).
  • Placing a 6F introducer sheath between vein and muscle fascia a few cm before the target valve.
  • Sending the specially braided 6F application  catheter to the treatment zone between vein and muscular fascia through the introducer sheath.
  • Injection of necessary amount of biopolymer around the vein valve.



  • ICT is the first real treatment option for VI
  • ICT fixes the problematic vein by preserving it
  • It is the only solution for deep venous  insufficiency so far.
  • It is fast, safe and effective.
  • Can be performed under outpatient conditions
  • Patient can return their daily routines immediately.



  • Deep venous insufficiency.
  • Superficial venous insufficiency accompanying deepm venous insufficiency
  • Chronic venous insufficienc