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InWIRE Coated Guidewire


Provıdes easy navıgatıon and relıable support for dıstal access cases

Designed to cirect a catheter to the desired anatomical location during diagnostic or interventional procedures. Excellent Torque Control Nitinol wire and elastic hydrophilic polimer coating, integrated design allowa 1:1 torque response to deliver the guidewire into the target vessel quickly.
Guidewire is intended to facilitate the placement and exchange of interventional devices during diagnostic or therapeutic interventional procedures. Provides enhanced torqueability and lubricity, alllowing interventionalists to approach challenging cases with confidence.

Provides extra strength and stability during catheter placement and exchange during contralateral access and in carotid procedures.

Facilitates catheter placement and exchange during diagnostic or interventional procedures.

  • Tip Design: flat wire construction with spring coil
  • Benefits: Soft, atraumatic tip, multiple tip style options.
Guidewire MaterialStainless Steel
Guidewire Diameter    0.032”, 0.035”, 0.038”
Guidewire Lenght150 cm, 180 cm, 260cm, 290 cm
Core Material Stainless Steel
Covers PTFE Coated
Tip Style Straight, Angled
Shaft Standart, Stiff