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Especially designed to meet the high requirements during extraction

Keeper Retrieval Technology is your first choice safety device when it comes to successful retrieval. Keeper  retrieval device allows simplified retrieval of foreign bodies like lost catheters, guidewires , stents, as well as coil manipulation Vena Cava Filter retrieval in small to extra large vessels.

Hgh degree of vessel coverage within a wide range of vessel sizes 5mm to 35mm, and is available in lengths of 65, 125, and 150 cm. With extra high pulling forces of up to 5.5kg. Have been especially designed to meet the high requirements during extraction.

The high upstanding force plus a 1:1 torque and loop diameters ranging from 5 to 35 mm together with a pre-shaped and shapeable delivery sheath catheter of 4 and 5F makes it the emergency device of choice.


  • Keeper is a real emergency tool for every Interventinalist
  • Atraumatic Nitinol loop
  • Ultimately save valuable time
  • Avoid unnecessary X-Ray exposure
  • Avoid major open surgery procedures
  • Open loop nitinol wire
  • Design with extra high pulling forces
  • 1:1 torque capabilities
  • Small size introducer sheath 4F & 5F
  •  High visibility
  • Excellent kink-resistant
  • Over-the-wire 0,018”, 0,035”
  • Enhancing stability and trackability
  • Real 3-dimensional retrieval
  • Radiopaque platinum inner Marker Ring ensures nearest positioning of catheter

For Large Vessels


Diameter 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35

3-5 mm, 6-10mm, 11-15mm, 16-20mm

21-25mm, 26-30mm, 31-35mm

Introducer Sheath4F, 5F
Catheter 110 cm
Guidewire Compatibility 0.035”


for Small Vessels


Diameter 2, 4, 7, 20, 25, 30, 35

1-2 mm, 3-4mm, 5-7mm

Introducer Sheath2.3F, 3F
Catheter 150 cm
Guidewire Compatibility 0.0.18"