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  • They are protected sterile hydro-gels which provide excellent tissue coherence. They are appropriate for direct application and moistening and may be used to protect the bandages. This; reduces the risk of infection and avoids the entrance of external microbes.
  • Optimal poly hexanide content – Bell based sterile protective gels
  • Due to its good tissue tolerance, long term application options without pain
  • Appropriate for protection of bandages – besides appropriate for wounds which may be exposed to infection.
  • Product variant ; LAVANID ® Woundgel V+ is characterized with a higher rate of viscosity. This would introduce the jell good adhesion and avoids the gel to come out from the wound in a short time.
  • Higher viscosity.
  • Developed adhesion.
  • Woundgel V+ now available in 10 gr version.


10 ml syringe

40 gr tube

100 gr tube