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  • Poly-hexanide content.
  • Avoids bio-firm formation, removes bio-firm which has occurred previously.
  • Ready for use for topical application, skin, wound and mucosa antiseptic.
  • Used as antiseptic for partial and full wounds, decubitus ulcer at l-IV stages, diabetic foot ulcer, arterial and venous ulcer, traumatic wounds and burns.
  • Wide spectrum washing solution applicable for all body surfaces.
  • Appropriate for use for colonized, clinical colonized and infected wounds.
  • According to Ringer solution DAB 7, it is an sterile, iso- osmotic solutions involving 0.02% or 0.04% polyhexanide. In Poly hexanide wound plaster and solution, it prevents the microorganisms to grow.
  • Distributed in ® 1.2 screw- covered bottle and has been sterilized by heat in the last container.
  • Optimum combination based on Poly-hexanide and Ringer solution.
  • Practical polypropylene vessels with various dimensions introduce variable recovery options due to its combination caps.


125 ml, 250 ml, 1,000 ml

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