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Careful wound cleaning is a prerequisite for optimal wound care and introduces rapid treatment. Into LAVANID®, 1.2 watering solutions and LAVANID® / LAVANID® V+ LAVANID will be added. With this new product, primary wound care shall have been coordinated excellent. For this purpose, we hereby introduce a wound curing system up to primary coverage of acute and chronic wounds without cleaning them. LAVANID® wound cover I has been sterilized by poly hexanide, it is a humid wound cover ready for use. Primary medical dressing consists of a bio-cellulose core which includes antimicrobial complex. This complex is used for effective infection prophylaxis against microorganisms and renders protection against bacterial and fungal pathogens. LAVANID® Bandage solves the bio-films and creates the best wound environment for the creation of new granulation tissue for acute and chronic wounds. Wound contact nets on both sides prevents the wound to contact and a light medical dressing will be necessary.

  • Sterilized by poli hexanide, humid wound cover ready for use.
  • Simple and safe use.
  • Loosens the biofilm and cleans the wound.
  • Good vertical exudate access.
  • Effective prevention of infection.