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Powerful rotating action of the single leaf tip design effectively macerates wall-adherent thrombus while reducing the risk of endothelial damage. Enables infusion of thrombolytics and contrast media through the built-in 3-way side-port and distal side. Guidewire-like design enables steerability through tortuous anatomy Choose low profile working area with adjustable leaf tip design




  • Leaf shaped tip design
  • Contacts whole vessel lumen and effects wall adherent thrombus
  • Creates vortex effect and macarates thrombus with TPA while preventing distal embolism
  • Hydrophilic active tip
  • Preserves vessel wall
  • Excellent steerability
  • Built-in infusion port allows infusion of TPA and contrast media
  • Tip diameter adjustment adjuctable tip diameter size ranging from 5 to 20 mm
  • Allows physician to perform treatment depending on application area and vessel size
  • Decreases thrombolytic treatment dose significantly
  • Prevents post-thrombolytic syndrome significantly
  • Decreases length of stay in hospital
  • No capital equipment Quick Setup
DesignLeaf Tip shape
Infusion ZoneDistal tip between leaf tip And end of the catheter
Catheter Lenght90cm, 110cm, 135 cm
Catheter Profile7.0 F
RadiopacityNitinol wire shape is visible from The distal tip to proximal shaft
Active Zone5 mm - 60 mm
Catheter Inner LayerPTFE
Structure of the CatheterNitinol shaft PA/PEBAX