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  • It is the port needle used for chemotherapy.
  • Huber needles, in addition to blood sampling and blood transfusion through an implantable access port, is also indicated to liquid and drugs applications.
  • Huber needles; in case of no pain, infection, redness, swelling, and in compliance with local and national professional guidelines, may be used for medium and long term infusions up to 7 days.
  • Huber needle has been connected to extension line of 20 cm and has a uer lock stopper at the tip. Extension cable involves closing clamp.
  • Due to its cannula structure, enables port’s minimum septum damage and minimum pain which is exposed by the patients.
  • Combination of extension cable with luer lock stopper provides the minimization of risk of infection and easy use for the device.

20 g x 15 mm

22 g x 15 mm

20 g x 20 mm

22 g x 20 mm

20 g x 25 mm

22 g x 25 mm