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ThermoBLOCK Endovenous RF Ablation intended for endovascular coagulation of blood vessels in patients with superficial vein reflux. The catheter is provided sterile, and is a single-use, disposable device. ThermoBLOCK is a system that uses thermal energy to destroy both the endothelium and the collagen within the walls of veins. Thermoblock catheter heats the vein wall to 120°C. This temperature has been shown to be sufficient to cause proteins in the wall of the vein to denature. Thermal injury results in changes in the collagen of the vein wall and contraction of the vessel such that no blood can flow through it. Over time, the vein is gradually reabsorbed by the body’s natural mechanisms so that there is little, if any risk of recanalization.


  • 6F -100 cm
  • 5 cm active tip
  • Rapid and uniform closure of the vein
  • Laser guide guidance Temperature 80-130 degree
  • Operation time 20 seconds
  • Easy set up RF generator
  • Consistent & effective temperature controlled energy delivery
  • Adjustable temperature and time interval selections available
  • Intravascular heat parameters are monitored in real time
  • High catheter echogenity and better visibility under USG
  • Easy repositioning between segments
  • Fully disposible Single use RF Ablation System
  • Segmental procedure
  • Tumescent anesthesia
  • Less pain and bruising than laser energy treatment
  • Post-procedure compression stockings required
Catheter ModelThermoblock Plus
Introducer Sheath (Minimum ID size)6F  (2.0 mm)
Insertable Length 60 cm
Heating Element Diameter2.0 mm
Heating Element Length5 - 10 cm
Maximum Power Setting40 W
Default Target Temperature Setting120-130