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  • Tissue adhesive has been designed to cover skin wounds including laparoscopic cross sections and trauma based laceration.
  • New ergonomic design Stylus Applicator provi des developed catch during the application. Stilus applicator has a high resistant special 2- octhly cyanoacrylate formulation in vitro studies having a higher cutting force than the existing n-butyl cyano acrylates.
  • Sensitive angular tip gives to the user the opportunity to apply the adhesive correctly on the patient.
  • OctylFlex® Technology has been designed to make the patient comfortable with its flexibility feature and it prevents early incrustation and supports for the protection of integration.
  • Microbic Barrier and Water Resistant Protection decreases the risk of infection of the wounds and protects the patients. Staphylococcus epidermidis in-vitro test is the normal gram positive indication of skin flora. 10 Adhesive besides is a water resistant item and permits the patients to have shower after the operation.

Available in 0.35 ml and 0.50 ml