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Viper Ultra Sonic

Allows safe access INFUSION therapy

Viper Thrombolysis Catheter is designed for controlled ultrasonic infusion therapy of tPA along with mechanical US vibrations. It increases the effects of tPA by thinning the fibrin and increasing porosity. tPA can be pushed deeper inside the thrombus, increasing the drugs effectivity. Over the guide wire system and 90, 135, 150 and 200 cm catheter lenght. Allows safe acces to the clotted target vessel including pulmonary artery in PE cases.


•    The lumen is used to facilitate passage of a guide wire which is allow 0,035" (0,36 mm) in diameter.

•    Viper Ultrasonic Infusion Therapy, also can be use Vein / Pulmonar  Artery.

•    During the application of tPa , pharmacomechanical thrombolytic therapy is performed with the help of these micropores in the contents of the catheters.

•    Totally includes 30 micropores  (10 micron) both side at the distal tip of 20 cm.

Model Diameter5F                      6F                     7F
Vessel Diameter (mm)2.0-4.0                3.0-7.0              3.5-7.0
Pores (Pcs)20, 30, 40        20, 30, 40          20, 30, 40
Sheath Compatibility (Fr)5                        6                            7
Crossing Profile (mm)90,135,150        90,135,       150    90,110,135,150
Guidewire Compatibility0,014”                0,014”            0,014”-0,018”
Catheter Inner LayerPTFE                    PTFE                PTFE
Structure of the CatheterPE/PEBAX            PE/PEBAX        PE/PEBAX