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Intravenous Light Therapy

VoltraN  is the first combined intravascular therapy system.

Integration into an existing, standard IV. catheter simplifies the procedure. There is no need for additional catheter sites and no sharps remain in body.

Integrated to standard patient care

Blood remains in its natural environment inhibiting a foreign body response.

Nearly 100% of a patients’ total blood volume is treated in a single treatment.

How It Works?

There are photosensitive cells in our body.

Lights with different wavelengths can be absorbed by these cells.

Absorption of lights with specific wavelength positively changes chemical behavior of cells.


UV - 254nm
- It is a well-known and essential antimicrobial agent.
- Produces non-lethal pathogen damage to stop reproduction and increases sensitivity to immune system disruption.
RED - 630nm
- Increases cellular energy level. (ATP Synthesis)
- Reduces the production of proinflammatory cytokines.
- Regulates immune cell functions, slows or stops the infection.
GREEN - 535nm
- Improves the behavior and functions of red blood cells.
- Increases the flexibility of red blood cells and provides more oxygen to the cells.
- Improves hemodynamics with decreased blood viscosity.

Multiple Light Therapy Standard treatment consists of 3 steps


First 30 minutes, pathogen reduction with UV Light


Second 30 minutes, immune system modulation, increased energy with ATP synthesis with Red Light


Last 30 minutes, blood circulation and tissue oxygenation increase and reduction in pain with Green Light.